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Who We Are

An Event Management Company with a mission of achieving and enhancing clear leadership Nationwide. The core of our work is to find the best branding decision for the client. Strategic task is to have long-term Relationship and Co-Development Approach.

At PLANET we strive top to be the most reliable and creative event company in the Pakistan always delivering a high standard of quality and value for money to our customers. We work in a close partnership, with our customers to deliver other services that setting new standards in event management.

Looking for maximum visibility?

Let us design a unique special event
Vision & Creative Approach
PLANET EVENTS is a professional company, who use creative approach in their work. Satisfy vital needs of brand. Visualize new dimensions in the field of Marketing Mix. Become leader in developing strategies And concepts of branding.

To lead in all marketing dimensions with state-of-the art techniques and company's image Enhancement at priority. We have many services to offer our clients but some of them are really unique let us explain you here "why we called them unique".
Why Choose Us
Each event is a custom project, irrespective of size on budget, this make us different. In short PLANET EVENTS is passionate, dedicated and fun when it comes to staging events; give us the opportunity to make a difference for you.
We know allot of companies offering 3d Demos for concepts and designing So do we. But Designing a real model as a demonstration no one offers that except us.
We provide a real small (12" X 12", 12" X 10", 16" X 16", 6" X 6") demo to our client for better visualizations and concepts this unique offer is only providing by us to satisfy our client as we promised.